4 JULY, 2015
  To all of our Kentucky PGR members. This is a letter I knew I would have to write one day and have not looked forward to.
  To start off I would like to say over the last 4+ years that I have been your State Captain and sence around  2007 or so as a member of the PGR; I have become friends and family with countless numbers of the most dedicated men and women there are anywhere. All of you have shown the soldiers, families, and communities the respect that they have earned and deserve. Through all kinds of weather and other conditions  you have shown up to give your support to the missions. Sometimes with 24 hrs. or less notice, you are there. You have also managed to put up with me during all of this time.
  Sense I have been KYSC we have grown as a great organization for standing in honor and escorting our fallen Heroes to their final resting place. Giving  the families comfort knowing that there are people who care and will not forget their loved ones. What we have accomplished  I hope will continue to get better.
  As most of you know this has been a really tough year for me medically. Some that I have gone through has really knocked me down. I have not been able to physically or mentally keep up with my duties as SC. I have been told by the doctors that it could take over a year to recover completely.
   So, enough said; I am having to step down as your SC and accept my promotion to the flag line, when I can come. This is like leaving my family. I know I have stepped on some toes, and not pleased everyone, but I have tried to make decisions that would be the best for everyone and our KYPGR. I am not leaving. I will be around when I can.
   I have ask Tom Folsom to take the lead of our TEAM and keep the high level of honor and respect we give to our veterans, first responders and PGR members as our primary goal. He has accepted the challenge and I know you will probabley not even miss me. Please give him the help and respect you have given me over the years. When I say this I hope you know it comes from the bottom of my heart. I do now and will forever be greatfull to all of you and LOVE you dearly.
GOD Bless to all; Ride Safe